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Additional Information Toyo Celsius

Toyo Celsius offers year-round versatility plus winter-weather safety in one. This all-weather tire offers better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire. Celsius stops up to 14 feet shorter on snow and eight feet shorter on ice than a typical all-season tire* plus it’s backed by a 60,000-mile warranty.


  • Variable sipe density improves traction on wet and dry roads
  • Slush grooves increase traction by evacuating slush and snow
  • Multi-wave sipes minimize irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty MileageWarranty Type
128240185/65R148623.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128250185/60R158423.7Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
128270185/65R158824.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128260195/60R158824.2Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128280195/65R159125Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128290205/65R159425.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128300205/70R159626.3Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
128330205/75R159727.1Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
128310215/70R159826.9Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
128320225/70R1510027.4Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
128340235/75R1510528.9Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
221290185/60R168624.7Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128350205/55R169124.9Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128360205/60R169225.7Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128400205/65R169526.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
221380215/55R169725.3Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128370215/60R169526.2Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128410215/65R169827Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
128380225/60R169826.6Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128390235/60R1610027.1Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
128420235/65R1610328Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
129520205/45R178824.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128890205/50R179325.1Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129450215/45R179124.6Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128430215/50R179125.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128940215/55R179826.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128440215/60R179627.2Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128920225/45R179425Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128930225/50R179825.9Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129120225/55R1710126.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128450225/60R179927.6Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
128990235/45R179725.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
127530235/50R179626.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128910235/55R1710327.2Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129000245/45R179925.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129580215/45R189325.6Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128880225/40R189225.1Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128950225/45R189526Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129180225/50R189526.9Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
221390225/60R1810028.6Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
129510235/40R189525.4Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128980235/45R189826.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128960235/50R1810127.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128970235/55R1810028.2Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129460245/40R189725.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
128900245/45R1810026.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129360245/55R1810328.6Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
127520225/40R198926.1Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129470245/40R199826.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129200245/45R1910227.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129140245/50R1910528.6Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129600255/35R199626Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129350255/40R1910027Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129130255/45R1910428Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129590245/40R209927.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
129160245/45R2010328.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage

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