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Additional Information Toyo Celsius Cargo

The Celsius Cargo is designed for commercial van and light truck owners that need year-round, all-weather reliability. It offers improved snow and ice performance over a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire. With an outside tread designed for all-season performance, and an inside tread for winter traction, independent owners and small fleets enjoy more time on the job and less downtime switching tires. A durable sidewall provides extra protection against curb damage and its sturdy casing provides exceptional handling and stability during the frequent stops and starts of services and deliveries.


  • Maximizes wet and dry traction with a circumferential rib and low void ratio on the outside tread
  • Slush grooves evacuate snow and ice to maximize traction
  • Snow claws grip the snow and ice to improve traction


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed Rating
238390185/60R159423.7Black SidewallT
238440195/75R1610727.5Black SidewallR
238570205/75R1611328.1Black SidewallR
238450205/75R1611328.1Black SidewallQ
238470225/75R1612129.3Black SidewallR
238410235/65R1612128Black SidewallR
238460LT215/85R1611530.4Black SidewallQ
238490LT225/75R1611529.3Black SidewallR
238500LT245/75R1612030.5Black SidewallS
238510LT245/70R1711930.5Black SidewallS
238530LT245/75R1712131.5Black SidewallS
238540LT265/70R1812432.6Black SidewallS
238550LT275/65R1812332.1Black SidewallS
238430LT275/65R2012634.1Black SidewallS

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