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Additional Information Toyo Open Country H/T II

The Open Country H/T II builds on the quality and reputation of the Open Country H/T. Advanced technology and design provide improved wet braking performance and handling, longer tread life, and more consistent performance throughout the life of the tire. Light truck and SUV owners will appreciate the dual sidewall design – sporty on one side, classic on the other – that lets them choose the look that complements their vehicle. This premium all-season tire comes with up to a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty and is backed by the Toyo Tires 500 Mile Trial Offer.


  • Wear-resistant tread compound extends tread life and durability
  • Adaptive circumferential grooves help maintain good wet traction performance throughout the life of the tire
  • Dual sidewall designs offer two distinct looks for customizing – one sporty and one classic


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty MileageWarranty Type
364720235/75R1510928.9Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364500215/70R1610027.9Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364530235/70R1610929Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364690245/70R1610729.5Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364700245/75R1611130.5Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364640255/70R1611130.1Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364510265/70R1611230.6Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364520265/70R1611230.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364730265/75R1611631.6Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364290LT215/85R1611530.4Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364250LT225/75R1611529.3Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364280LT235/85R1612031.7Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364240LT245/75R1612030.5Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364310LT265/75R1612331.6Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364410LT285/75R1612632.8Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364450225/65R1710228.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364460235/65R1710429Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364710235/70R1710930Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364660235/75R1710930.9Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364490245/65R1710729.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364540245/70R1711030.5Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364630255/65R1711030.1Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364600255/70R1711231.1Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364550265/65R1711230.6Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364440265/70R1711531.6Outlined White LettersT50k - 75kMileage
364430265/70R1711531.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364300LT235/80R1712031.8Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364340LT245/70R1711930.5Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364230LT245/75R1712131.5Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364220LT245/75R1712131.5Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364260LT265/70R1712131.6Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
364270LT265/70R1712131.6Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364360LT285/70R1712132.7Outlined White LettersS50k - 75kMileage
369300235/60R1810729.1Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
369320235/65R1811030Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
369310245/60R1810929.6Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
364570255/65R1811131.1Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364740255/70R1811332.1Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364560265/60R1811030.5Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364610265/65R1811431.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364620265/70R1811632.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364470275/65R1811632.1Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364750285/60R1812031.5Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
364420LT255/65R1812031.1Black SidewallR50k - 75kMileage
364320LT275/65R1812332.1Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364330LT275/70R1812533.2Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364670255/50R2010930Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364650255/55R2011031Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364580265/50R2010730.4Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364480275/55R2011731.9Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364680275/60R2011533Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
364760285/50R2011231.2Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
364370LT265/60R2012132.5Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364350LT275/60R2012333Black SidewallR50k - 75kMileage
364390LT275/65R2012634.1Black SidewallS50k - 75kMileage
364380LT285/60R2012533.5Black SidewallR50k - 75kMileage
364400LT285/65R2012734.6Black SidewallR50k - 75kMileage
364780275/50R2111331.8Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
364770275/50R2211132.8Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
364590285/45R2211432.1Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage

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