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Additional Information Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS

The AVID ENVigor® ZPS features a continuous tapered center rib, which generates a stable on-center feel along with a comfortable ride. During runflat operations, the unique sidewall shape adds durability while providing high-performance stability.


  • Angled cuts in the groove walls and adaptive 3D sipes help resist hydroplaning and maintain wet/winter grip
  • Yokohama’s advanced runflat technology incorporates sidewall reinforcement, exclusive contour and supportive bead filler to deliver added durability in runflat mode
  • Uniblock shoulder and tapered center rib enhance stiffness for improved handling on wet and dry roads


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed Rating
110132194195/55R168724.4Black SidewallV
110132191205/45R178424.3Black SidewallV
110132192225/45R179125Black SidewallV
110132193225/50R179425.9Black SidewallV
110132197225/55R179726.7Black SidewallV
110132195255/40R179425Black SidewallV
110132190245/40R189325.7Black SidewallV
110132196245/45R189626.7Black SidewallW

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