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Additional Information Asanti ABL-1 Pegasi


    Other Finishes


    Part NumberSizeBolt PatternCenterboreLug Seat
    ABL1-20855235MS20×8.5 +355 x 120mm74.1-
    ABL1-20851235MS20×8.5 +355 x 4.5" (114.3mm)74.1-
    ABL1-20855238MS20×8.5 +385 x 120mm74.1-
    ABL1-22901515MS22×9 +155 x 115mm74.1-
    ABL1-22905632MS22×9 +325 x 112mm74.1-
    ABL1-22905232MS22×9 +325 x 120mm74.1-
    ABL1-22901535MS22×9 +355 x 115mm74.1-
    ABL1-22905635MS22×9 +355 x 112mm74.1-
    ABL1-22904538MS22×9 +385 x 4.25" (108mm)74.1-
    ABL1-22105635MS22×10 +355 x 112mm74.1-
    ABL1-22105238MS22×10 +385 x 120mm74.1-
    ABL1-22105638MS22×10 +385 x 112mm74.1-

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