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Additional Information Kraze Double Down



    Part NumberSizeBolt PatternCenterboreLug Seat
    KR185-7814BM3817×8 +385 x 4.25" (108mm)73-
    KR185-7809BM3817×8 +385 x 112mm74.1-
    KR185-8814BM4018×8 +405 x 4.25" (108mm)73-
    KR185-8809BM4018×8 +405 x 112mm74.1-
    KR185-2814BM3820×8.5 +385 x 4.5" (114.3mm),5 x 4.25" (108mm)73-
    KR185-2818BM3820×8.5 +385 x 120mm,5 x 115mm74.1-
    KR185-2809BM3820×8.5 +385 x 120mm,5 x 112mm73-
    KR185-22804BM3822×8.5 +385 x 120mm,5 x 4.5" (114.3mm)73-
    KR185-22818BM3822×8.5 +385 x 120mm,5 x 115mm74.1-
    KR185-22811BM3822×8.5 +385 x 115mm,5 x 110mm73-
    KR185-22816BM3822×8.5 +385 x 4.5" (114.3mm),5 x 112mm73-
    KR185-22814BM3822×8.5 +385 x 4.5" (114.3mm),5 x 4.25" (108mm)73-
    KR185-22803BM3822×8.5 +385 x 4.5" (114.3mm),5 x 100mm73-

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