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Additional Information Pirelli P Zero AS Plus 3

P ZERO™ AS PLUS 3 is the newest Pirelli Ultra-High-Performance replacement tire for driving enthusiasts. Keeping close to its family roots, the new P ZERO™ AS PLUS 3 prioritizes performance yet boasts mileage, being a part of the PLUS line portfolio. Dedicated to premium cars and even some SUV fitments, it provides high levels of handling and braking in variable weather conditions and carries a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. Your life is multifaceted, your tires should be too – this ultra-high-performance all-season tire has you covered.


  • A 3D interlocking sipe system, along with the optimized tread pattern stiffness, supports improved braking in all-weather conditions
  • Functionalized polymers extend the compound’s working temperature range without sacrificing grip
  • The PZAS+3 was engineered with a more uniform pressure distribution in the footprint resulting in more even wear. A more squared footprint results in less friction and increased mileage
  • Engineering improvements give the PZAS+3 greater longitudinal stiffness compared to the previous generation resulting in enhanced control. Tread wear simulations indicate a 20% increase in tread efficiency at end-of-life
  • The asymmetric design takes advantage of a larger footprint for greater handling performance
  • Engineered to optimize pitch sequence, reducing cabin noise for a comfortable driving experience
  • A higher siping density improves snow performance grip while the larger longitudinal grooves in the shoulder increase water removal from the tire footprint boosting wet performance


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty MileageWarranty Type
4083100225/50R179825.9Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
4083400245/40R179124.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4083600215/45R189325.6Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
4083700225/40R189225.1Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4083800225/45R189526Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4083900225/50R189526.9Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084000225/60R1810028.6Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
4084100235/40R189525.4Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084200235/45R189826.3Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084300235/50R1810127.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
4084400245/40R189725.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084500245/45R1810026.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084600245/55R1810328.6Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084700255/35R189425Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4084800255/40R189926Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085000265/35R189725.3Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4140800225/40R199326.1Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085100225/45R199627Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085200235/35R199125.5Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085300235/40R199626.4Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085400245/40R199826.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085500245/45R1910227.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085600255/35R199626Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085700255/40R1910027Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4140900255/50R1910729Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
4085800275/35R1910026.6Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4085900275/40R1910527.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4086000245/40R209927.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4086100245/45R2010328.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4086200275/35R2010227.6Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
4086300275/40R2010628.7Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage

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