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Additional Information Pirelli P Zero Rosso

Engineered to match with all the electronic traction and stability control systems, P Zero Rosso™ is the ideal choice for sports on vehicles with medium-high displacement. The perfect balance between performance and comfort thanks to an exemplary steering precision on dry and wet.


  • Four continuous longitudinal grooves improve safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations
  • Asymmetric and directional tread designs available
  • Silica enhanced tread compound to provide better grip


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed Rating
3569700205/55ZR169124.9Black Sidewall(Y)
3569600225/50ZR169224.9Black Sidewall(Y)
3569500245/45ZR169424.7Black Sidewall(Y)
3569400205/50ZR178925.1Black Sidewall(Y)
3569300225/45ZR179125Black Sidewall(Y)
3569200255/40ZR179425Black Sidewall(Y)
3569100275/35ZR179424.6Black Sidewall(Y)
2540400225/40ZR188825.1Black Sidewall(Y)
2540900235/40ZR189125.4Black Sidewall(Y)
2615600245/35ZR188824.8Black Sidewall(Y)
1591500255/40ZR189926Black Sidewall(Y)
1569500255/45R189927Black SidewallY
984900255/50R1810228Black SidewallY
1363000255/55R1810929Black SidewallY
2540600265/35ZR189325.3Black Sidewall(Y)
1509300275/35R189525.6Black SidewallY
1571700275/45R1810327.7Black SidewallY
2540700285/30ZR189324.7Black Sidewall(Y)
1591600285/35ZR1810125.9Black Sidewall(Y)
1514800285/40ZR1810127Black Sidewall(Y)
2541000295/30ZR189825Black Sidewall(Y)
2593100295/35ZR189926.1Black Sidewall(Y)
2541100315/30ZR189825.4Black Sidewall(Y)
2615700335/30ZR1810225.9Black Sidewall(Y)
1521500235/45R199527.3Black SidewallW
1518500255/35ZR199626Black Sidewall(Y)
1521600255/40R199627Black SidewallW
2127400255/50R1910329Black SidewallW
1521700255/50R1910329Black SidewallW
1839300275/40ZR1910527.7Black Sidewall(Y)
1587000275/40ZR1910527.7Black Sidewall(Y)
1688600275/45R1910828.7Black SidewallY
1573200285/35ZR199926.9Black Sidewall(Y)
1609700285/45R1910729.1Black SidewallW
1574200265/45R2010429.4Black SidewallY
2540800275/35ZR2010227.6Black Sidewall(Y)
1688500275/40R2010628.7Black SidewallY
1618000275/45R2011029.7Black SidewallY
1743900295/40R2011029.3Black SidewallY

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