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Additional Information Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II

The Winter Sottozero Serie II is Pirelli's second generation of Sottozero Performance Winter / Snow tires developed for the drivers of premium, high-performance vehicles facing challenging wintertime road conditions.


  • Optimized compound for wet and icy surfaces to provide improved traction in winter's near-freezing and lower temperatures
  • Sipes create a brickwork pattern that increases both lateral and longitudinal stability
  • Internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped polyamide that enhances thermal stability and makes the tires less sensitive to road and air temperature changes


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed Rating
3569000205/55R169424.9Black SidewallV
2027800205/55R169424.9Black SidewallV
3568900225/50R169624.9Black SidewallV
2924000225/50R169624.9Black SidewallV
1822400205/55R179125.9Black SidewallV
1971400225/55R1710126.7Black SidewallV
1822500235/50R179626.3Black SidewallV
2157300245/55R1710227.6Black SidewallV
2285200215/45R189325.6Black SidewallV
2354900225/45R189526Black SidewallV
1821900235/40R189125.4Black SidewallV
1850000235/40R189125.4Black SidewallV
1962300235/45R189826.3Black SidewallV
1864600235/45R189426.3Black SidewallV
1842300245/35R189224.8Black SidewallV
2592200245/40R189725.7Black SidewallV
2093900245/45R1810026.7Black SidewallV
1840900245/50R1810027.6Black SidewallV
1859000255/35R189425Black SidewallV
1822000255/40R189526Black SidewallV
1865500255/40R189926Black SidewallV
1822100265/40R189726.3Black SidewallV
2592100265/40R1810126.3Black SidewallV
1864800265/45R1810127.4Black SidewallV
1841000275/45R1810327.7Black SidewallV
2659100285/35R1810125.9Black SidewallV
1850200295/35R189926.1Black SidewallV
1821800235/35R198725.5Black SidewallV
1857700235/35R199125.5Black SidewallV
2714200235/40R199626.4Black SidewallV
1864500235/40R199226.4Black SidewallV
2694000245/35R199325.8Black SidewallV
1863100255/35R199626Black SidewallV
2012000255/40R1910027Black SidewallV
2391000255/45R1910028Black SidewallV
2155500275/40R1910527.7Black SidewallV
1863200275/40R1910527.7Black SidewallV
2693900285/30R199825.7Black SidewallV
3285400285/30R199825.7Black SidewallV
1931600285/35R199926.9Black SidewallV
2391100285/40R1910328Black SidewallV
1822200295/30R1910026Black SidewallV
1962000295/30R1910026Black SidewallV
2647900295/35R1910427.1Black SidewallV
1864400295/35R1910027.1Black SidewallV
1864700245/35R209126.8Black SidewallV
2265800245/35R209526.8Black SidewallV
2809000245/40R209927.7Black SidewallV
1877800245/40R209927.7Black SidewallV
2145900255/40R2010128Black SidewallV
1848900255/40R2010128Black SidewallV
2391200255/40R2010128Black SidewallV
2313600265/35R209927.3Black SidewallV
2209700265/40R2010428.3Black SidewallV
2265700275/30R209726.5Black SidewallV
2809100275/35R2010227.6Black SidewallV
1877700275/35R2010227.6Black SidewallV
1848800285/35R2010427.9Black SidewallV
2391300285/35R2010427.9Black SidewallV
1864300295/30R209727Black SidewallV

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