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Additional Information Toyo M-55

The iconic M-55 might be the hardest-working member of your crew. This commercial grade tire was built to handle the toughest of off-road jobs through snow, mud, and rough terrain. Its extreme durability and long tread life provide heavy-duty truck owners with dependable year-round service.


  • Aggressive lug and block tread design provides solid handling and traction
  • Open shoulder design maximizes water evacuation for excellent all-terrain traction and stability
  • Aggressive siping improves wet and snow traction


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed Rating
309290LT215/75R1510027.7Black SidewallQ
309270LT235/75R1510428.9Black SidewallQ
312270LT215/85R1611530.4Black SidewallQ
312350LT225/75R1611529.3Black SidewallQ
312290LT235/85R1612031.7Black SidewallQ
312330LT245/75R1612030.5Black SidewallQ
312230LT255/85R1612333.1Black SidewallQ
312250LT265/75R1612331.6Black SidewallQ
312240LT285/75R1612632.8Black SidewallQ
312210LT235/80R1712031.8Black SidewallQ
312190LT245/75R1712131.5Black SidewallQ
312220LT265/70R1712131.6Black SidewallQ
301750LT285/70R1712132.7Black SidewallQ
302200LT285/70R1712132.7Black SidewallQ
312200LT265/70R1812432.6Black SidewallQ
312300LT275/65R1812332.1Black SidewallQ
312310LT275/70R1812533.2Black SidewallQ

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