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    Other Finishes


    Part NumberSizeBolt PatternCenterboreLug Seat
    1780BYR155120S7417×8 +155 x 120mm74.1-
    1780BYR155120S7217×8 +155 x 120mm72.56-
    1780BYR355120S7217×8 +355 x 120mm72.56-
    1885BYR155120S7218×8.5 +155 x 120mm72.56-
    1885BYR155120S7418×8.5 +155 x 120mm74.1-
    1885BYR305120S7218×8.5 +305 x 120mm72.56-
    1885BYR405120S7218×8.5 +405 x 120mm72.56-
    1895BYR155120S7218×9.5 +155 x 120mm72.56-
    1895BYR255120S7418×9.5 +255 x 120mm74.1-
    1895BYR305120S7218×9.5 +305 x 120mm72.56-
    1895BYR455120S7218×9.5 +455 x 120mm72.56-
    1985BYR155120S7219×8.5 +155 x 120mm72.56-
    1985BYR155120S7419×8.5 +155 x 120mm74.1-
    1985BYR305120S7219×8.5 +305 x 120mm72.56-
    1985BYR405120S7219×8.5 +405 x 120mm72.56-
    1995BYR155120S7219×9.5 +155 x 120mm72.56-
    1995BYR255120S7419×9.5 +255 x 120mm74.1-
    1995BYR305120S7219×9.5 +305 x 120mm72.56-
    1995BYR455120S7219×9.5 +455 x 120mm72.56-
    2085BYR205120S7420×8.5 +205 x 120mm74.1-
    2085BYR205120S7220×8.5 +205 x 120mm72.56-
    2085BYR305120S7220×8.5 +305 x 120mm72.56-
    2010BYR205120S7220×10 +205 x 120mm72.56-
    2010BYR255120S7420×10 +255 x 120mm74.1-
    2010BYR355120S7220×10 +355 x 120mm72.56-
    2290BYR155120S7222×9 +155 x 120mm72.56-
    2290BYR355120S7222×9 +355 x 120mm72.56-
    2205BYR205120S7222×10.5 +205 x 120mm72.56-
    2205BYR355120S7222×10.5 +355 x 120mm72.56-

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